Innotech conference 2017 will visit the best Ukrainian experts in the field of innovative technologies

On April 7-8 in Kyiv at the III International forum Innotech 2017 will be held a large-scale interdisciplinary conference on the theme innovative technologies in business, education, investment processes and medicine.
The speakers will be representatives of the companies Deloitte Ukraine, Saturn, Microsoft, IBM, Ciklum, eFarmer, AVentures Capital.
Within two days they will tell about innovations in various industries, and personal experiences of success and modern trends in each sector.
On 7 April the conference will take place lectures of speakers in the following units:
Innovation for business
To listen to the presentations of the speakers of this unit means to learn about the latest trends in business development. The conference was attended by founders of successful companies, top managers, CEO, which will show all possibilities of application of modern innovation.
One of the representatives – Jaanika Merilo, Deputy mayor of the Dnieper, Advisor to the Minister of infrastructure and transport, Advisor to the mayor of the city. She will perform with the theme “Open the Dnieper, or how to build a cool city”. Pavlo Sheremeta, the founder of the Workshop strategies PRORYV, President of the Kyiv school of Economics and the 4th Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine will act with the theme “Innovation from Blue Ocean Strategy”.
Innovations in medicine
The speakers will tell you what to expect from the future of medicine: the introduction of full automation of processes, how to create a new marketing category, as innovative mechanisms implemented in modern medical institutions.
The owner of the clinic “Boris”, the adviser of the Chairman of the KCSA Michael radutsky and CEO of the Medical company Ilaya Oleksiy Shershnev will be the main speakers in this section of the conference.
Innovations in education
Expert speakers this unit is relevant for anyone interested in innovation in education: what will education of the future, as augmented and virtual reality affect the educational process, the ability of robots to replace teachers.
Head of educational programmes of Microsoft in Central and Eastern Europe Olga Sviridenko speaker will talk about education as the currency of the future.
8 APR will be talking about investments, emigration of Ukrainian specialists and start-up projects in the domestic market:
Block “the Outflow of talents abroad”
Increasingly Ukrainian professionals in different fields of activities tend to work abroad, and everyone sees the same advantages. This unit is fully devoted to discussing the main reasons for relocation professionals to other countries. The speakers will present their own options minimize the outflow of personnel and maximizing the intellectual capital in Ukraine.
Unit investors
Startups: sometimes not able to evaluate the investment potential of your own project. The speakers of this unit representatives of investment companies and venture capital funds – explain how to effectively attract investment in a startup and does the meaning of the excretion of the project into the international arena.
Unit startups
The conference was attended by founders of successful startups, which will tell you how to find a niche in the market, how to develop start-UPS in the future and what are the main problems to be solved before you can advance the idea.
Among the speakers of the second day of the conference will be founder and managing partner of AVentures Capital Andrey Kolodyuk and Natalia Berezovskaya – CEO and co-founder D2N8 Ventures, co-founder and chair UAngel.
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