Independence day Ukraine to 2017: how much output is waiting for the Ukrainians in August

Due to the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine in August, the Ukrainians will have 9 days off, the number of working days in August will be 22 days. The Ukrainians will rest on Independence Day – see the infographics below.
According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers “On transfer of working days in 2017,” the number of days off due to celebration of Independence Day of Ukraine – August 24.
So, 24 Aug – a holiday. Since, August 24th is a Thursday, then Friday, August 25 – will also be weekends. Ukrainians will be able to relax for four days in a row. However, the output 25 of August – will need to work out, it is transferred on 19 August.
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The system of electronic payments of the National Bank also transferred from Friday, August 25 Saturday, August 19.
“Banks need to organize work on timely payment of pensions, social allowances, other monetary payments and to ensure these days the uninterrupted operation of ATMs, exchange offices and arrange reinforcement to their cash different denominations”, – stated in the message NBU.
Schedule a weekend in August with account of the celebration of the independence Day of Ukraine

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