Income Zubko in 2018 amounted to almost 1.6 million

Income Zubko in 2018 amounted to almost 1.6 million
18:19 of Today’s Telegraph Interfax-Ukraine Photo: Facebook Business news: Head of regional development Zubko stated in the e-return for the 2018 almost 1.6 million in revenues.

Vice Prime Minister – Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine Gennady Zubko filed e-return for 2018, in which declared 1 million 567 thousand UAH 249 income.

According to e-Declaration, G. Zubko, placed in the Unified state register of declarations, the Deputy Prime Minister declared wages for the year 2018 in the amount of 613 thousand UAH 249 and receive royalties and other payments for civil contracts from JSC “JSOC” in the amount of 954 thousand UAH. His wife declared for the previous year 1 million 991 thousand UAH 877.

H. Zubko also has 227 326 thousand UAH on the accounts in “Ukrsotsbank” and 76 269 thousand UAH of cash, his wife on Bank accounts 488 898 thousand UAH.

In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister has lent to third parties a total of $290,7 thousand, and his wife indicated the presence of 2.34 million UAH current assets of a natural person-entrepreneur.

In e-Declaration of G. Zubko pointed out that there is a garage in the Zhitomir area of 24 sq. m, land area in s Sinhury Zhytomyr region area of 1.8 thousand sq. m. In joint ownership with his wife Lyudmila Zubko, son Sergei Zubko and daughter Christina Zubko, Vice-Prime Minister has an apartment in Zhitomir area 87,28 sq. m.

He also declared a house in the Zhytomyr area of 221 sq m, indicating that using it for free, and the house belongs to Lyubov Zubko, which G. Zubko free leases of land in the Zhitomir area of 903 sq. m.

The wife of Deputy Prime Minister owns land in the village of Central square Zhytomyr region with an area 2 thousand square meters and rents a holiday house 265,8 sq. m in Kiev.

H. Zubko has watch Ulysse Nardin, pattern (watercolor) Yuri Khimich, and the wife watches and Omega, etching by Pavel Makov and collection of works of art labeled as “techno” Roman Minin.

Vice-Prime Minister Kyrylenko declared 662,7 thousand UAH of income

In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister has a car VAZ-2109 1989 release, trailer “Bee” 1990 edition, is based on a civil agreement with PJSC “GSOC” Mercedes-Benz GL350 CDI 2013 model year, BMW X6 2010 BMW X5 2016 release. His wife owns a Toyota RAV4 2006 model year.

L. Zubko holds shares of PJSC “ISOC” with a nominal value of 481 thousand UAH 756, 90%, OOO “butterfly By” worth UAH 4 million and 50% of Arkada, OOO worth of 52.5 thousand.

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