In Zhytomyr region detained the village head on the bribe of almost a million hryvnia

In Zhytomyr region police detained the official, who demanded that private entrepreneurs money for the allocation of land.

He was detained red-handed during receiving the second part of the funds, reports a press-service of the Channel.

We are talking about the fertile black soil for agriculture. In decentralization rural councils received more powers. According to the law of undistributed land plots can be leased. A village head, “realizing new possibilities of transferring the land quickly began to use extended powers”.

The man demanded almost a million hryvnia

During the investigation it was found that the solution of the land question, the official demanded from the representative farms illegal benefits. In particular for the transfer to it in rent of 116 hectares of unclaimed land shares (shares) that were required to provide 949 thousand.

Indeed there were even problems to find this amount of money to get her the head of the village, which required. The facts obtaining, extorting all these events were carefully recorded, documented, so we have some grounds to say that he will go to court
– said the head of GUNP in Zhytomyr region Vyacheslav pechenko.

Moreover, the house, the suspect found another 300 thousand hryvnia. Police have detained a man, if his guilt is proved, then the head of the village threatens till 12 years of imprisonment.

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