In Ukraine the fault of the radicals disrupted the “Total dictation-2017”

Today’s international event scheduled to be held in 72 countries around the world, will not take place at least in one state in the heart of Europe, positioning itself as “democratic” and “civilized”. After Kharkov forced organizers to cancel the event in two cities – Kiev and Odessa – which is dominated by Russian-speaking population. In Zhytomyr dictation canceled after “persistent requests” employees of local management of the SBU.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As of 13 hours the push of the “nationalists” did not yield only in Nikolaev. In the City of Shipbuilders, by the way, the event that brings together lovers of the Russian language, will celebrate a “mini-jubilee”.

The breakdown of “Total dictation-2017” took “active” members of the notorious “National corps”. The motivation for their actions: to write a “catchy” of the text was brought by the representatives of the DNI and LC. Therefore, after successful completion of the action on the territory of Ukraine both unrecognized republics of the Donbass will claim to be “spiritual and cultural”.

The ideology of “National housing” announced completely harmless dictation “part of the information war” and “attempt to influence the thoughts of Ukrainians.” Demonstration of participants ‘ own knowledge of the intricacies of the Great and Mighty “nationalists”… construed as inciting hatred in people, the desire to instill in the Ukrainians a sense of their “little Russian”.

A few dozen radicals as have informed “MK”, came to the building of Rossotrudnichestvo, in the Kiev hem. In his offices after a series of attacks on the Russian Embassy on Povitroflotskyi Avenue is not the first year works a number of Russian diplomats.

As reported from the scene, the press attache of the Embassy Oleg Grishin, the behavior of “politically concerned” reminded of the previous excesses of the nationalists in the main body of the diplomatic mission.

Aggressive-minded young people shouted anti-Russian slogans are not allowed in the building of Rossotrudnichestvo its staff, as well as the people of Kiev, who wished to participate in humanitarian action. They, by the way, signed up over two hundred people, not only “men and women, middle-aged”, as stated on the page “National body” in Facebook.

Located in the building in Borisoglebskaya Russian diplomats uninvited guests “friendly,” suggested alert all Russian community in the Ukrainian regional centers on the abolition of “Total dictation”.

The degree of hypocrisy the participants of yesterday’s and today’s representations of the “National body” tells the simple fact: the leader of the organization Andrey Biletsky (incidentally, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine) communicates with compatriots, as a rule, English. Most of his colleagues also do not burden yourself with knowledge “derzhavnoii language society”.

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