In this year, “Carluke” cooked with pepper and Hungarian accent

Photo: Olga Sten’ko

April 5, in Poltava art Museum named after Mykola Yaroshenko opened the exhibition of caricatures “of Carluke-2019”. Presented the work of Hungarian artists and the author of the character “Peppercorns” Anatoly Vasilenko.

This nineteenth annual event. International exhibition of caricatures in Poltava is carried out in the framework of the festival of humor. Usually open April 1, the day of birth of Nikolai Gogol. Annually held competition and was awarded the cartoonists awards in various categories. However, this year the organizers decided to depart from tradition.

Correspondent attended the opening ceremony.

“In this year’s competition we will not be holding our signature “the World of Gogol” was last year, planning for next. The exhibition was opened by Hungarian cartoons. Traditionally, we introduce Ukrainians with cartoonists in other countries. Another highlight is the exhibition of works of Anatoly Vasilenko. The art of comics, he sold more when he only spoke, as the language of communication. The exhibition introduced him to comics, cartoons, illustrations from the collection of philanthropist Alexey Petrenko, ” — said the founder of the festival “Carluke” cartoonist Mikhail Shlafer.

Hungary at the exhibition “Carluke-2019” presented eight cartoonists. The work was selected Chairman of the Association of Hungarian cartoonists Istvan Kalimantan. He arrived in Poltava, to present the work of fellow countrymen. According to him, subjectively chosen colleagues with whom it has friendly relations and a positive experience. Work they offered themselves. Focused on the theme, intuitive to residents of other countries. From politics tried to move away.

“We in Hungary, as in Ukraine, democratic relations. Of Prime Minister Viktor Orban to write and draw cartoons. For it is not persecution or censorship. However, the topic of politics or government does not interest me. We also have people not interested in the topic of Ukraine and its relations with other countries. In Hungary some 35 cartoonists. Some of the work they are drawing for yourself, not for everyone to see,” said Kelemen.

Author: Olga Sten’ko

Caricature Of Stephen Kelemen

The most difficult for him to choose his own work for exhibition. Presented in Poltava, his favorite is a “Family” vacation where the father pulls on his own shoulders the whole family. In other works, Stephen the simple life topics.

Most of the works of Hungarians intuitive visitors. Baksha Gergely and Laszlo Dlugoborski joke about ecology, peace, modernity, family relationships and vampires, the origin of which is considered the territory of Hungary.

The work of Geza Halasz — collages, cartoons and computer graphics. Illustration of the Gabor Serenyi attract the attention of rich bright colors.

Imre Gaspar showed caricatures of famous people on the planet. Gender Leaft, a native of Serbia, focused on the topic of the European Union. Also about the European Union, but in a different style, argues in his papers jože Sandor Bekesi.

“I like Hungarian cartoons. Most of them into intuitive topics, even though we are different people. But politics and the European Union I the topic is not very close. Obviously, it is relevant for Hungary but not for Ukraine, I believe. What I really close is the work of Anatoly Vasilenko. His illustrations in children’s magazines and cartoons in the “Pepper” I grew up “, — told poltavchanka Olena Gopey.

The work of Anatoly Vasilenko presented in the form of a 200-m sheets with comics, cartoons and illustrations.

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All these works provided for the exhibition of the Poltava collector and publisher Alexei Petrenko. Says the happy owner of works favorite childhood artist, he became three years ago.

“I love the magazine “Pepper”, Vasilenko is the author of the character Peppercorns. I gladly took the opportunity to purchase original cartoons — 800 pictures. Chose this year work Vasilenko, because he’s our countryman. I decided to introduce Poltava with his work”, — said the collector.

Anatoly Vasilenko — one of the cartoonists of Ukraine, who has a national title. He has just turned 80 years old. Born in the village of Lanna lower in Poltava, he studied at the Myrhorod ceramic College, then at the Kiev school of decorative and applied arts. From there he went to work in the magazine “Pepper”, which to this day is a member of the editorial Board. Anatoly Vasilenko lives in Kiev. Invitation to the exhibition of his own works took, but did not arrive.

The exhibition of caricature festival “Carluke-2019” to act in the big hall of the Poltava Museum of art until April 21.

1 April in Poltava celebrated the 210th anniversary of the birth of writer Nikolai Gogol.


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