In the US, the man scoffed with fists on the Ukrainian, and then killed her.

In the United States in Wisconsin in one of the houses was found dead a Ukrainian woman Tatiana Guzhva. Police have a suspect in the murder of a woman by her husband – 31-year-old Fuad Pashayev. Militiamen already detained at the scene where he came back.

The tragedy occurred in the town of Wisconsin Dells on the strip Washington on the evening of 4 April, reports

According to the information resource, Guzhva made several statements to the police about the behavior of her husband. In particular, on January 2, she reported that the Pasha had to put her in the bathroom and dabble her water in the face. January 3, the woman noted that he was afraid for his life because the Pasha is going to kill her. In a statement, the Ukrainian indicated that they had lived together for three years, later her husband began not only to drink alcohol, but also to beat her with his fists.

Tatiana Guzhva

In addition, Guzhva told police in December that when the Pasha was drunk again, three times he struck her in the back. As of January 1, threw in the pan, because screaming child.

In August, the deceased told the police that the Pasha grabbed her neck and began to choke him, and he did it while in a state of intoxication. In the same month, her puppy Shitzu “suddenly disappeared” and the woman believed that the Pasha was killed by an animal.

After application Pashayeva, which Guzhva wrote on 3 January, that it began to threaten: “If you write a message to someone else, I’ll kill you.” After the man broke his phone by throwing it on the wooden floor. So Tatiana told police that he was afraid for the child’s safety and their own safety.

In the end Pashayev in January was charged with domestic violence, consisting of 11 points. A man is accused, in particular, crimes such as strangulation, unlawful imprisonment, destruction of property and assault. This matter is now in the district court of Columbia.

Fuad Pashayev

4 Jan Pashayeva was released on bail in the amount of 10 thousand dollars. However, he was forbidden to approach Tatiana and their 2-year-old daughter. The man is also obliged to observe absolute sobriety.

January 10, a hearing scheduled for January charges. Police said that the final results of the forensic medical examiner will determine the cause of death of Tatiana, yet.

Is now in Columbia County jail, where he awaits formal charges in the case of the death of Tatiana Guzhva.

Meanwhile, friends Tatiana and activists began raising funds. For the money the parents of the deceased are expected to arrive in the United States and take custody of the child. Edition writes that Tatiana Guzhva was a native of Drohobych, Lviv region.

The house in which lived Guzhva and the Pasha: it was the murder of Tatiana

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