In the United States predicted Ukraine third Maidan: all armed to the teeth

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has left very little time: if the leadership refuses to fully reform the country before presidential elections in 2019 may attempt to change the government. This point of view in a blog on the website of the Atlantic Council was expressed by a senior researcher, Center for Eurasian Affairs at the Atlantic Council Diana Francis.

photo: youtube.com

While Poroshenko strengthens his power and not in a hurry with the reforms, although it should be realized a few critical initiatives, suggested Francis. According to experts, it is, in particular, removal of inviolability from deputies, the prohibition of political advertising on television during the upcoming elections, the revision of the draft law on the anti-corruption court. We are talking about eliminating pressure on the anti-corruption Bureau (NAB).

Yet all is not done and the conditions in Ukraine is similar to those that led to the street revolutions of 2004 and 2014, continued Francis. However, this time it will be “very different” because the country “is armed to the teeth”: in addition to the powerful conscript army in Ukraine, a lot of veterans and patriots who argues his idea expert.

The author also believes that in the event of a change of power in Ukraine at this time is there will be chaos. So, Western countries support the aspirations of the Ukrainian people for real democracy, and with their help, the country has built strong institutions with a core of honest people. Francis also mentions a group of 200 technocrats, who are ready for an immediate peaceful transition of power.

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