In the “United Russia” do not see rising prices on food in 2017

According to the Center for economic and political reforms (CEPR), this year, food prices in some regions rose by 9.5%. The deputies-United Russia assured that complaints about the rising cost of food from the citizens have not been as the country’s economic growth.

The center for economic and political reforms (CEPR) presented the results of the third wave of monitoring of prices in the Russian regions. According to a study in which observers attended markets, retail stores and pharmacies, the average price increase was 9.5%, exceeding the official inflation rate almost 3 times. Increased prices for petrol, public transport, drugs on separate non-food products.

According to the Deputy of the state Duma of the Orenburg region Vladimir guteneva, during ongoing meetings with the population no complaints of rising prices it has not been reported. The MP said that the Russian economy grows, people get more money, this leads to the fact that online shopping increase the price of everyday goods. “I would assess the prospects for the next year: growth of at least 2%, despite a policy of containment on the part of foreign countries and the extension of sanctions”, — he said in an interview to “Kommersant”.

Experts capr note that the average citizen receiving the regional average salary, the minimum required expenditures (excluding durable goods) spends most of his salary. For example, according to the report, in Azov — 42%, in Ekaterinburg — more than 50%.

Another United Russia Deputy Sergei Vostretsov noted that such studies do not reflect the real picture. “If someone monitors the market even within a single subject, you can find different prices for the same products. I myself today went to the Peter — was bought for the New year. Prices in the two times differ. At one point, the fish is 650 RUB in the other — 420”, – quotes the words of MP “Kommersant”.

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