In the Ukrainian team fired a whole team of workers for criticism of biathlon

Coach of the men’s national team of Ukraine on biathlon Juraj Sanitra acknowledged that the service team of the national team on biathlon has worked poorly, which was replaced. In particular, the work of servicemen criticized the leader of the Ukrainian Dmitry Pidruchny.

After changing the service teams, the athletes began to praise the ski.

“Our job is to provide the best conditions to athletes, so they can show themselves on the track. And the basic element of the whole work is a good ski!”, said Sunetra in an interview

“100% I can say that in December, the service is not working as it should. So we decided, and this is a normal process for all teams. We are all professionals who want to work at the highest level. If something doesn’t work – you need to change or correct.

We have now changed the service team. Now with us the young guys with whom we worked last year, and at the moment I’m happy with their work”, – said Sanity.

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