In the Ukrainian port found rocket complex of Russia

While checking in one of the Ukrainian ports of Odessa region revealed 36 anti-aircraft missiles in the Russian system s-125 “Pechora”. Finding reward the armed forces.

The correspondent of channel 24 reports about this at the government meeting said the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios.

SBU together with the military Prosecutor at the time of inventory found in one of the seaports of Ukraine “missiles anti-aircraft missile system s-125 of the class “earth-air” in full regalia”.

Matios added that the court has arrested the missiles as objects of violation of customs rules.

Said property and ammunition and missile system proposed to the government by issuing orders to transfer to the Armed forces of Ukraine,
– the Prosecutor noted.

He said that the letter about the necessity of such weapons in the resource of our army is signed by the Minister of defence of Ukraine. In the case of a relevant order of the Cabinet of the APU will get “literally the next week modern anti-aircraft missile complex consists of a division is suitable for use and combat use of the Russian missile complex “Pechora”.

On Facebook page of Yury Lutsenko wrote that “these rockets back in 2007, officials of Rosoboronexport, the Russian Federation acting in collusion with officials of the defense-industrial complex of Ukraine tried to illegally move to a country that was under UN security Council sanctions”.

In the Ukrainian port found the missile complex of Russia: watch video


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