In the U.S. a victim of an overdose of fentanyl was 18-month-old baby


The victim of an overdose of fentanyl was more than ever saw the doctors and the police. She was only 18 months.

A child in Michigan died after swallowing “a very large dose” of fentanyl – a synthetic opioid that is much stronger than heroin. Ava Floyd (Floyd Ava) was only 18 months old. She died on Christmas day in the suburbs of Detroit – the parents of the child engaged in the manufacture of the drug, and she accidentally ate dangerous pills.

Antonio Floyd and Santana of Barclays charged with second-degree murder, abuse of children and unlawful production of a controlled substance. “The nation is experiencing an opiate epidemic. However, to see how the baby tragically dies in Christmas morning as a result of drinking large amounts of fentanyl from her own parents, really heartbreaking,” said Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith.