In the suburbs I met T-34 tanks from Laos: the legend tipped film career

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Fixed ropes to the railway platforms guns forward, ready right now to take off to fight – so the famous “thirty” at first, I rode the trains with the rear factories to defend Moscow and later to storm Berlin. And then fate and did put them in exotic Laos – they were to be the hope and support of the Republic.

Certainly, with time, all of these three dozen steel veterans and whiled away his century on the tropical land, yet quietly did not get a write-off. Russian defense Minister decided otherwise – Russian tank-the winner needs to go home! And now thirty T-34-85 after nearly a long journey meets a native Russian winter in Naro-Fominsk.

Metering smooth the soldier’s duty, next Shine the exemplary bearing yunarmeytsy. Flags with the Russian tricolor side by side with the Red banner of Victory. Especially touching look banners “welcome home!”. A minute later the sounds of a tank of a March moved forward rail echelon with armored vehicles. Guests exchange glances, and whisper: is it in fact, all of the T-34 on the move?

Opened a solemn meeting-a meeting the Deputy Minister of defence of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia Dmitry Bulgakov:

-Each combat vehicle is a symbol of our Victory in the great confrontation with fascism. Now arrived a battalion of tanks T-34 is a part of 4th guards tank division, – the General noted.

The Deputy Minister emphasized that to serve in the battalion “the thirty” is a special honor and responsibility. Only the best will be able to sit at the controls of a legend.

Many can cause confusion as medium tank of the great Patriotic war managed to carry military service in the 21st century? However, even a cursory glance at Soviet tank enough to understand – this tank is a real winner.

-Without a doubt – this is the best tanks, – says Nadezhda Kotina, daughter of the designer of the T-34 Joseph Kotin. And wish they’d remained a symbol and a good memory of our people.

Among the invited were those who are in the same “thirty” mined the same, at all, a Win.

-I know and remember well the T-34 is really the best tank of the war, – says the veteran of the great Patriotic tanker kantemirovec Nikolay Borisov. But in the tank were the people. In the same 4th guards Kantemirovskaya – 32 Hero of the Soviet Union. 11 of them fought in these tanks. Wish Kantemirovsky and on was the elite armored forces of our country.

The final chord of the solemn meeting dedicated to the return of the tank-the winner of the home was a historic parade-reconstruction. In the same ranks were those who defended Moscow in the most difficult and tragic 41-year – Marines in sheepskin coats, guards, skiers in camouflage and tanks in black jackets.

Today, the loud, the solemn pipe, and tomorrow arrived in Naro-fomisk “thirty” will be preparing for the new honorable service in may they will pass on red square on Victory day Parade.

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