In the suburbs can build light rail for the delivery of goods

The Russian transport system continues to lose ground in the global market. According to the index effective logistics, which counts the world Bank, our country was on the 99th position. The quality of logistics and of professional competence — on 76-m a place.

Most of the participants of the international transportation market in Russia is concerned about the loss of time. Especially at customs. Our country is also inferior to competitors on the introduction of procedures, single window and electronic document management. “Of course, this place in the ranking does not suit us”, — said at the conference “Kommersant” publishing house “Transport and logistics” Deputy transport Minister Nikolay Asaul. According to him, this year we will begin to work on a unified system for tracking goods. Introduction Spacelab linked to GLONASS, will dramatically increase our position in the ranking, said Asaul. Also, this year will improve the system of customs check points on the roads.

As the Director of the Department of transport and infrastructure of the EEC Erzhan Nurakhmetov, with a single tariff for cargo transportation in the Eurasian economic Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia) has significantly decreased transportation costs and increased the overall volume of freight transported. In addition, there is another nice statistic: increased exports of goods to EU countries (except the Russian Federation) and the percentage of empty run. This year the EurAsEC member States sign agreement on shipping, which will facilitate transportation on the rivers. However, in the ointment was the fly in the ointment. According to nurakhmetova, the outflow of professional personnel in Europe.

Deputy head of main Department of organization of customs clearance and customs control of the FCS of Russia Vladislav Novikov compared their service with the unloved wife in the harem. In addition to his duties at FCS is entrusted with several types of state control. And many of the initiatives of agencies inhibit the subcontractors. For example, the Rosselkhoznadzor, whose competence is veterinary and phytosanitary oversight has still not moved to electronic document management. As a result, the customs officials who receive pre-release documentation “in number,” forced to lose their own time and the time truckers on long verification of paper documents.

Better than others in Russia growing segment of the water transportation. As head of the fgbi “Moscow Canal” Herman Elyanyushkin, last year the volume of cargo transportation by water increased by 21%. It turned out that transporting goods by water is beneficial. For example, shipping on the river cargo from Cherepovets to Moscow two times cheaper than by rail and three times than on the road. According to him, this year will accelerate the transition navigation systems to electronic buoys.

Unfortunately, the transport infrastructure is developing in our country very slowly. This is especially evident on the advertised ring road. Construction in the Moscow region in 50 km from Moscow ring road, which focused investors, goes at a snail’s pace. As a result, many operators logoparks forced to look for an alternative. Considered the most daring ideas. For example, in Switzerland, has started to build underground metro automatic cargo Cargo Sous Terrain. The first underground tunnel with a length of 67 km will connect the city Herkingen and Niederbipp with Zurich. As reported by “MK” Nikolay Asaul, while similar proposals in the Ministry have been received, but if a private business will offer such a project, he will receive full support.

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