In the state statistics service summed total of new construction in 2018

In the state statistics service summed total of new construction in 2018
12:59 Telegraph Today, the Interfax-Ukraine Photo: Business news: In Ukraine, the total area of new construction in 2018 amounted to nearly 16.7 million sq. m.

The total area of new projects residential and non-residential buildings to begin construction in 2018 amounted to 16 million 706 thousand square meters.

As reported by the State statistics service, these indicators are presented excluding the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Sevastopol and part of the temporarily occupied territories in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

According to the report, the total area of residential buildings to start construction in 2018 amounted to 12 million 874 thousand sq m, or 77% of the total. Including on the apartment building had 96,7% (12 million 442 thousand sq m), single-and 3.2% (417,6 thousand sq m), hostel is 0.1% (13,76 m ).

According to statedata, for non-residential objects, which began to build in 2018, had 23% of the total, or 3.8 million sq. m.

The developers will be obliged to comply with the energy efficiency classes of the EU

Thus, the area of new construction of warehouses and industrial buildings in 2018 amounted to 974,6 thousand square meters (25,4%), commercial real estate 648,9 thousand sq m (19.9%), buildings for public performances, educational institutions, medical and health institutions 429,8 thousand sq m (11.2 per cent), hotels and restaurants 355,8 thousand square meters (9.3%), office buildings – 244,4 thousand sq m (5.9%).

The data for 2017 do not exist in connection with the introduction by the state statistic Committee of new statistical categories.

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