In the state Duma decided to calculate miners of cryptocurrencies on the readings of electricity

In the State Duma of the Russian Federation explained the way of dealing with individuals involved in mining — mining cryptocurrency. They will track the increased usage of electricity.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As told the radio station “Moscow speaking” the head of the Duma Committee on financial markets Anatoly Aksakov, for miners the government will create a special register of “including tax”.

“Life shows that it is a pretty large income, explained Aksakov the need to create a registry. — These incomes should be taxed”. The Deputy, however, found it difficult to explain what percentage you plan to charge the miners, as yet not decided what to believe cryptocurrencies are a commodity or financial instrument.

In the search for the miners Aksakov problems did not see, as their activities are, in his opinion, distinguishes the “large consumption of electricity.”

However, he added, “lure” people in mining in General needs to stop blocking the relevant sites.

Explain that mining can be done on a normal computer, however are created and special build computers solely for this purpose: increased consumption of electricity occurs only for the creation of big mining farms, consisting of dozens of computers. However, to distinguish them in terms of energy consumption from the standard servers is not possible.

We also recall that in the past with the participation of Vladimir Putin at the meeting to discuss the cryptocurrency, it was decided that the state will take control of their issuance and circulation. In the economic block of the government have repeatedly expressed distrust of cryptocurrencies, seeing them as signs of a pyramid, and expressing a desire to prohibit transactions with individuals.

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