In the Russian TV series Gogol became a detective


In the network appeared the trailer for the new mystical series “Gogol”. Young Nikolai Gogol Dykanka is sent in as an assistant detective.

This was reported in Facebook, the General Director of the channel TV-3 Valery Fedorovich.

“The film is the car will be released August 31. Already tried a special screening for the film market. Will consist of four parts, two series each. Gogol will investigate the mysterious murder,” – said Valery Fedorovich.

The producer of the film was Alexander Tsekalo. In the role of investigator starred Oleg Menshikov in the role of a young Gogol — Alexander Petrov (actor in the series “Method”, “Embracing the sky”, “the Law of the stone jungle”).

Russia is doing a variation on the theme of Sherlock Holmes.

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Group of friends spent the night in the woods. At midnight woke up by the noise, crying, howling wolves and dogs. In the morning around the tents appeared hung with mystical signs.

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