In the ranking of economic freedom Belarus was between Mali and Cambodia

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Belarus was among the “mostly unfree” countries.

In the ranking of economic freedom (2019 the Index of economic freedom), compiled by the American Heritage Foundation, Belarus is ranked 104 out of 180 countries in the world. The total number of points scored Belarus is 57.9. During the year this indicator has worsened by 0.2 points, reports “Belsat”.

Countries with the rating of less than 50 points, considered “absolutely free”, 50-60 points – “mostly unfree”, 60-70 points is “relatively free”, 70-80 points – “mostly free” and more than 80 – or points – “free”. Thus, Belarus was among the “mostly unfree” countries.

Analysts at the Heritage Foundation, in its review, noted that despite the relatively high scores for fiscal health and financial freedom, received by Belarus, could not compensate for the decline in the area of “government spending” and “efficiency of judicial system”.

“Belarus occupies the 42nd place among the 44 countries in the European region, and its overall score is below the regional average and even around the world,” – noted in the review of the Heritage Foundation.

Moscow, according to a survey by the American Fund has a huge impact on the government and the economy of our country, which is in the sphere of influence of the Kremlin.

“The recovery of the Russian economy contributed to the increase in exports of manufactured goods. The growth of world prices for export commodities, including oil products and potash fertilizers, helped Belarus to service its external debts. The government has made some steps in reducing the state regulation of the economy, but liberalization is not a priority. Instead, widespread state involvement in the economy and control over it, which strongly inhibits the growth and development, and the small private sector remains marginalized”, – experts say.

In the world ranking, Poland occupies 46-e a place. In Lithuania, the free economy and the country in 21st place. Russia is the 98-th position, while Kazakhstan is 59th, and a small Armenia on the 47th place.

While on the 104-th place, Belarus has ranked between Mali and Cambodia.

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