In the hotels of Ukraine will be inclusive rooms

In the hotels of Ukraine will be inclusive rooms
13:45 Today, the Telegraph Photo: Facebook Business news: Under the new rules of GSN from April 1, hotels in Ukraine will be obliged to design inclusive accommodation for persons with disabilities and other disabled groups.

On the government website has information about that from 1 April 2019 in hotels will be required to design universal rooms, the design of which took into account the needs of persons with disabilities and other people with limited mobility.

The Ministry of regional development, complained that hotels in Kiev, where persons with disabilities would have unfettered access to, on fingers to count, and in other Ukrainian cities, the situation with hotels is even worse.

According to the data, Ukraine only has about 2,500 hotels and resorts. Under the law, equal access to these institutions should have all. In this regard, the new seeker for the inclusion of buildings and structures was provided a mandatory requirement in the design of the hotels to organize at least 10 % of the seats versatile and convenient for all categories of citizens, including people with disabilities, and other disabled population.

In accordance with these regulations, all hotels also must have unimpeded access from the outside and inside. According to forecasts, these changes will lead to higher availability of hotel establishments and will improve the level of service in them.

According to the world health organization, about 10 % of Ukrainians have a disability and they remain isolated from society due to the unavailability of public facilities, transport, streets and other infrastructure, in particular, are unable to use the services of hotels.

At the same time, about 80% of people with disabilities in Ukraine are healthy and active. But the realization of their rights impossible, while in Ukraine it will create a real barrier-free environment. The statistics are terrifying – almost 90% of the ramps built incorrectly, tactile tiles are almost there and many don’t even know why it is needed, there are no other elements of accessibility. Just for this, and has developed a new seeker for inclusion.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of regional development intends to modify the state building standards (GOS) and to introduce mandatory design of elevators in new residential buildings by number of storeys 4 floors and recommend their installation in new housing number of storeys from 3 storeys. It was also noted that the standards will be encouraged to install passenger elevators in buildings of 3 floors (or the height between the main and upper residential floors, more than 8 m) have planned to install them in the homes of storeys from 4 (or conditional height of 11.2 m).

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