In the European Union allowed the use of certain GMO crops




World news:the European Commission has authorized five genetically modified crops for food production.

The European Commission has granted five permits for use of genetically modified crops for food and feed, the website of the European Commission.

We are talking about the varieties of cotton 281-24-236 x 3006-210-23 x MON 88913; the cotton varieties GHB 119; maize varieties Bt11 x 59122 x MIR604 × 1507 × GA21; maize variety DAS-40278-9 and restored the varieties of maize MON 810. These GM crops were a complete approval process, including obtaining a positive scientific opinions of the European authority for food safety.

They received no objections from the States parties to the European Union permanent and appeals committees. Permits are valid for 10 years and any products produced from these GM crops are subject to strict rules on the marking and tracing EU, the report said .

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