In Texas conducted the first execution in 2018 – for “turnstile killer”


In Huntersville, Texas, man who became known as “turnstile killer” from Houston, became the first prisoner of the state, executed in 2018. Anthony Allen shore (Anthony Allen Shore) received a lethal injection on Thursday evening.

He was sentenced to death in 1992 for what was raped and strangled 21 – year-old girl and dumped her body on the track to vehicles Houston diner Dairy Queen. Initially, the execution 55-year-old shore was set for last October but was postponed after another convicted prisoner came up with the scheme, according to which shore is responsible for the murder of another prisoner.

Maria del Carmen Estrada was one of four women whose shore was killed and later admitted after a tiny particle collected from under the fingernails of the Stage, was matched with his DNA. A murder investigation Stage lasted about ten years. Other victims of shore – two teenage girls and a 9 year old child, all latina. Three were raped. He blamed voices in his head that pushed him to violence.

The lawyers of Shor claimed he got brain damage at an early age, which was not discovered, so he ignored the words of the lawyers and asked for the death penalty. The U.S. Supreme court refused to review his case, and the Board of Trustees of Texas rejected a petition for clemency.

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