In South Africa the lions ate the poacher

Photo: AmericaRU.com

According to reports from South Africa, people suspected of poaching, was found dead, he was attacked by lions and partially eaten.

The victim was attacked Friday. His remains were discovered on Saturday in a private nature reserve near Kruger National Park, reports Sky News.

“Maybe the victim was hunted poaching in a private Park when he was attacked and killed by lions, – said the press-Secretary of police Limpopo. – They ate his body, almost completely, and the head and some body parts left untouched.”

Near the victim’s remains were discovered a loaded hunting rifle.

Initial reports showed that the victim may have been a farmer whose tractor had stopped and were attacked by lions when he attempted to return home, according to local news site The Citizen.

Now the authorities believe that the dead man tried to illegally hunt protected big cats. Authorities are still working to identify the body. It will most likely possible thanks to what’s left of the head.

National Geographic reported that the region was known more for poaching rhinos, and not for poaching lions. However, parts of the lion are sometimes used in folk medicine.

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