In San Diego begin sanitary cleaning of the streets after the death of 15 people from hepatitis

Photo: AmericaRU.com

After 15 people died of hepatitis A, San Diego, California, started the sanitary cleaning of streets in the center. Such cleaning should be performed every week, while the spread of the disease will not stop, according to the mayor’s office Kevin Falconer (Kevin Faulconer).

In addition to the 15 dead, 300 people were in the hospital, most of the patients are vagrants living on the streets or in a homeless camp. The total number of patients exceeded 400. They have no proper access to toilets or souls. The city has a deadline of 5 days to remove all the “fecal contaminated street” and handle all of the center,

Also in places where homeless people gather, the government has established 40 stations hand washing. In addition to the regular dirty wash urban roads with chlorinated water district also asked the city to “immediately expand access to public toilets and wash basins within the city that are near the groups of risk”.

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