In Russia the pensioner has sent Putin his increase to pension

Photo: Elena Carpena, Tom Lenz, Daria Selenskogo

The pensioner from Chelyabinsk, said that he believes this “increase” of pensions is offensive.

Chelyabinsk pensioner Elena Carpena sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin a boost to his pension, which amounts to 1 ruble 10 kopecks. On February 18 announced the Russian edition “”.

It is noted that in this way the pensioner wanted to Express dissatisfaction with the amount that she added to the result of indexation of pensions.

A similar increase a woman called “offensive” and added that only for sending the money transfer she had to pay 81 ruble.

The publication writes that Carpena accompanied your Bank transfer with the following message: “thank you so much for the January index (1 ruble) teacher 33-year career”.

In the commentary edition of the publication, the woman said that for 33 years he worked as a teacher of English and initially, her pension was 7,200 rubles, in December last year – 9224 rubles, and this year – 9225 roubles.

The pensioner noted that “it is better to do nothing than to humiliate people.”

He reacted to the situation in the Kremlin. In particular, Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that it is impossible for the specific example to generalize, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.