In Russia looted the stadium, which hosted matches of the 2018 world Cup

The stadium “arena Volgograd”, which took world championship matches on football of 2018 will not be in the near future to adopt a sporting event.

As reported by Telegram channel “Export” the arena has not issued a certificate for carrying out of matches of the championship of Russia due to the fact that the object in an unknown direction exported equipment.

“They say that it is not only in a storm drain near the stadium, which will have to be redone. There are questions as to equipment, part of which was taken just after the world Cup. Outside the stadium we had to follow, but in Volgograd didn’t do it”, – stated in the message source .

Interestingly, the construction of the stadium in Volgograd has spent 19.5 billion rubles (307 million dollars).

45-th “Volgograd arena” built for the 2018 FIFA world Cup. It held four matches in the group stage. In the season 2018/19 at this stadium in the championship of Russia played the “Rotor”, which plays in the second League of Russia. The average for home matches of Volgograd came 18 724 viewers.

A few days ago Sport 24 wrote that in the same Volgograd eroded slope near the city football stadium. After heavy rain the soil has moved down the road resulted in a giant puddle.

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