In Poland, the Russians were actively engaged in the promotion of the Russian Federation

From Poland deported Russians, who under the guise of science has been recruiting Pro-Russian scientists.
This was reported by press Secretary of the Minister for the coordination of intelligence agencies, reports “Polish radio”.
“At the request of the Chairman of the internal security Agency 11 October 2017 from Poland were deported the citizen of the Russian Federation Dmitry K. in Accordance with the established facts, the man acted against the public interests of Poland, initiated elements of the hybrid war against Poland and maintained contacts with the Russian special services,” — said in an official statement.
It is known that Dimitri K. has been the representative of the Russian Institute for strategic studies in Moscow, on the territory of Poland to establish contacts with scientists. Under the guise of scientific purposes, the man was recruiting those professionals who have shown loyalty to Russia. As a reward, Dmitry K. has offered cooperation with Russian universities, funding for research trips and publications.
According to the investigation, the spy used a network of contacts to spread propaganda. Those scientists who agreed to cooperate, supported the opinion of the Federation on a number of issues. In particular, resisted the destruction of Soviet monuments, sparked the Polish-Ukrainian conflict, supported Russia’s information campaign.
The internal security Agency has evidence that Mr K. had communicated with Russian intelligence and was hiding its ties with the Russian Institute for strategic studies.
The reason for the deportation was a threat to the security of Poland. According to the decision of the interior Minister of Poland Dmitry K. was deprived of permission to stay in Poland.

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