In Poland detained three Ukrainians: they are suspected of attempted murder

In Gdansk, Poland citizen of Belarus was stabbed during drinking of alcoholic beverages. As a result, the police detained three citizens of Ukraine.

This was reported by “Polish radio”.

It is known that the incident happened on 20 January in one of hostels in Gdansk. Belarusian three times wounded a knife, at the moment he is in hospital.

About the incident we were told by the Manager of the ambulance. According to preliminary data, there was a party with alcohol and a quarrel between a citizen of Belarus and Ukraine. Ukrainian Belarusian stabbed with a knife. In addition to the 40-year-old man, also arrested 44-year-old woman, also a citizen of Ukraine,
– added the police of gdańsk.

The police say that both Ukrainian was drunk: a survey of women showed more than 2 ppm of alcohol in her blood, and the man – little more than 0.5 ppm.

In addition, at the scene also detained 48-the summer citizen of Ukraine who has insulted the militiamen, who arrived at the scene of the incident. Therefore, all three Ukrainians are now under arrest, awaiting the decision of the Prosecutor’s office.

By the way, the police are investigating in connection with the assassination attempt, and also clarifies the participation of the women in the incident.

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