In Odessa ended exercises Sea Breeze-2017

Today, July 22, took place the closing ceremony of the international naval exercises Sea Breeze-2017.
About it reports the UNIAN.
Sea Breeze-2017 was attended by 16 countries. During the exercise the ships of the multinational group held more than 5 thousand miles, the military has done 850 jumping with parachutes.
All in all there were 60 joint exercises of the coast phase, 6 landings Marines, 280 diving (80 hours of stay under water), the aircraft has carried out 310 sorties (241 hours).
One of the features of the exercise tested marine operations headquarters, which at the end of this year will be introduced in the organizational-staff structure of naval forces of VSU, – said the commander of the naval forces of Ukraine Igor Voronchenko.
He added that the training has really showed that “Together we are one, together we are strong”. And this, in turn, is an important condition for maintaining peace and stability in the black sea region.

Sea Breeze-2017
In addition, Voronchenko expressed gratitude to all who participated in the organization of the Sea Breeze-2017, in particular, the embassies of the US and the UK. And the head of doctrines from the United States – captain 1-St rank Matthew Lehman – thanked Ukraine for its hospitality. According to him, the exercises have reached a new level.
He also stressed that from the United States for the first time the exercise involved two warships, military special forces unit, convertiplane CV-22 Osprey and the latest Boeing P-8 Poseidon.

The completion of the exercise Sea Breeze-2017

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