In New Moscow will reduce housing prices

In June, the builders brought to the primary market of New Moscow housing in four large LCD. Here today for sale 523,2 thousand sq. m. But wanting to buy new housings a bit. To spur demand, developers cut prices.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“In Moscow there is still a low development activity. Offer filled almost exclusively due to the exit of the buildings in already realized projects, to be displayed in a sale of new residential complexes of developers are not in a hurry. At the same time the annexed territories there is a stable demand for primary housing, which greatly contributed to the development of transport and social infrastructure of the region. In the result, the new proposal is not always able to compensate for washed out matter the volume. This situation was observed in June when the reduction in the total area of exhibited apartments ranged from 13.8 per cent”, — said CEO “MIEL-new Buildings” Natalia Shatalina.

Compared to may 2017 the share of “odnushek” and studios declined from 48.5% to 48.3%. Share two-bedroom apartments amounted to 36,0% (36.1% in may), the share of “treshek” to 15.0% (14.7% in may), 4 and more rooms — 0,7% (0,7% in may). Most new housing is supplied in the segment of comfort-class — 71%. The share of economy class in the overall structure of the proposal amounted to 22.5%, business class is 6.5%.

During the first month of summer, the developers were asked an average of 1 “square” 97.3 thousand RUB, the Only consistently growing segment is the economy, where the price shows a positive trend for the fifth consecutive month and in February, gaining 8.1 per cent, up to 92,8 thousand rubles per sq m. Interestingly, new housing in TAO is much cheaper than in the NAO. In fairness I should add that for new buildings Novomoskovskiy districts account for 92% of the total proposal, and the Trinity County is 8%.

“New Moscow has advantages in the form of a Moscow residence permit, various social bonuses to its owners. Also in New Moscow it is possible to buy an apartment in walking distance from the metro to the suburbs to do is impossible. In Moscow the price will be slightly higher. Those who have important residence, a good pension, but for whom the price difference is insignificant, you should choose New Moscow”, — said the Director of the Department of GK “Grenelle” Rustam Arslanov. In his opinion, for young people are suitable and the suburbs. It also happens that in some locations the suburbs accessibility even better than in the New Moscow.

The main result of the development of the real estate market in June 2017 — a continuation of the redistribution of the volume of supply in favour of mass segment of the “old” Moscow (from 49.6% in April to 52.3% by the end of June). “A permanent decline in the weighted average price for the last 1.5 years due to high competition from projects in the old borders of Moscow, offering apartments at affordable prices. If previously the main competitors were suburban projects, now all new buildings in the middle belt of New Moscow compete with sleeping areas of the capital, and new buildings of the far zone — with the Moscow region. In the end, the developers in New Moscow also forced to dump at launch, to keep rising prices with increasing readiness, to offer a significant discount,” — concluded Natalia Shatalina.

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