In Lviv Media Forum 2017 will present the book of reports “to Kill the dragon. The Ukrainian revolution”

Lviv media forum is launching its own publishing house. In conjunction with the School of journalism of Ukrainian Catholic University is preparing for publication of the Ukrainian translation of the compendium of reports of the Polish journalist and writer Katarzyna Kwiatkowski-Moskalevich.
“Kill the dragon. The Ukrainian revolution” will be presented may 26 at the Lviv Media Forum 2017.
This is a collection of artistic stories about Ukraine from the Maidan in 2004 before the war in the Donbass. The author is well acquainted with post-Soviet realities – how long lived in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.
“In the autumn of 2013, Ukraine has become the main editorial polygon of the Old world, – says in the Preface, the teacher of the School of journalism of Ukrainian Catholic University Otar Dovzhenko. Books about the phenomenon of unexpected nation appeared like mushrooms after rain. The peculiarity of this, in particular, in that it was written polka. And this is important, because the literature of fact for the poles – a special culture, unique national sport. Tools non-fiction – art report and verbatim – allowed for Katarzyna Kwiatkowski-Moskalevich to make a series of photographically truthful images of Ukrainian reality”.
The Ukrainian text translated Andrew Cooper, and on the cover, readers will see the schedule of Alex Mann. The publication is produced with financial support from MyMedia.
The book presentation will be held on may 26, the second day Lviv Media Forum 2017 in the format of public talks Katarzyna Kwiatkowski-Moskalevich with Otar Dovzhenko.

V Lviv Media Forum is supported by the National endowment for democracy NED, Germana Marshall Fund (USA), the EU office in Ukraine.
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