In Lviv again allowed to “Russian cultural product”


After Lviv for a similar solution adopted in Zhytomyr, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and several regional centers. All of them were United by one and the same detail: in the regulations, approved by the deputies, did not contain even a semblance of reality. In other words, the layman did not understand, what part of “the Russian spirit” is prohibited and what is allowed.

Correspondent “MK”, recently traveled on business to Zhitomir, I was quite surprised that in the service sector and offices, banks, and public transport is almost absent as such in the Russian language. Perhaps Zhytomir citizens and guests of the city this way, “err,” – in case it came near them disguised as “employees of the language police”….

In the Constitution of Ukraine, this initiative is not provided. This drew the attention of the founder of the nationwide economic newspaper “Galitsky contracts” Serhiy Ivanov-Malyavin. The claim of the famous Lviv publisher took into consideration the District administrative court. Today, the judge Zinovy Gaudich to satisfy him. Mr. Ivanov-Malyavin found it necessary to thank Zinovy V. “common sense”.

It is not excluded that the Lviv regional Council will try to challenge the decision of District administrative court. The legal adviser of the Lviv regional state administration at this meeting, argued against lifting the moratorium.

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