In Los Angeles ended the teachers ‘ strike


In Los Angeles ended the teachers ‘ strike


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Teachers have reached an agreement with the leadership of the school district


Teachers in Los Angeles on Tuesday reached an agreement with the local school district, ending a strike that lasted for weeks.

The strike, which was attended by about 30 thousand teachers in the Los Angeles unified school district, second in the number of schools in the country, began on 14 January. Among the basic requirements were specified wage increases and the quantity of staff and reducing the number of classes.

“I can proudly say that… we have reached an agreement that will allow our teachers to return to work (school) campuses tomorrow,” said the mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti.

Teachers were able in the end to increase salaries by 6% and to obtain from the government guarantee reduce the number of students in classes over the next four years. The publication of the details of the transaction is expected in the near future.

The main complaint of teachers was that they had to conduct lessons in classes where the number of students was too great. According to the teachers, sometimes for all students, not enough desks and chairs, so some of them had to sit on the floor or window sills.

The school district trained about 600 thousand students.

Striking teachers have supported tens of thousands of parents and students who joined the protests. Despite the strike, all school districts continued to operate during the last weeks. Went to work only volunteers, administrative staff and technical staff.

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