In Kyrgyzstan, scientists and authorities can’t share the mummy

Leading historians and archaeologists of Kyrgyzstan insist that the newly buried mummy from the State historical Museum exhumed in a matter of urgency for making the earth a Museum exhibit is contrary to all canons of science.

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On 12 October the Ministry of culture of Kyrgyzstan was a question about the burial of the main exhibit of the Historical Museum of the mummies discovered by archaeologists in 1956. Culture Minister Tugolbai Cossacks gave the order to bring the mummy of the land of October 14, “the funeral.” The office act argued that for 60 years, scientists have not paid enough attention to the mummy, and the information that was able to produce previously, is sufficient.

However, the Kyrgyz scientists such arguments categorically do not agree — they are going to send to the President’s appeal to immediately exhume the mummy, as a priceless boon can “tell” has a lot of useful information.

— Buried mummy of a precious gem, the most interesting exhibit. We, archaeologists, have for many years found only skeletons, and not always in good condition, and it was the only mummy, obtained in a natural way . She was wearing the clothes that a lot has been said about a bygone era. The main arguments of those who betrayed the earth exhibit, lies in the fact that according to Sharia to keep the body of the deceased in the historical Museum is not allowed. Mummy had to do with the Islamic religion, to treat it as a corpse in utter obscurantism. The Minister said that we are Muslims and we store the body of the deceased is not necessary. But if he lives according to the laws of religion, you should go to the mosque, not to hold high public office — outraged archaeologist at a specially convened conference Kadicha Tashbaev.

But the representative of the shamans, which nobody at the conference were not invited, Zamira Muratbekov and without a microphone, managed to outshout the scientists:

— Categorically it is impossible to exhume! You just don’t understand what the consequences for all of us it can end. Mummy repeatedly sent any (messages from the beyond — Ed.). The first of them came 4 years ago. She reported that she is to be buried immediately, otherwise will happen strongest hurricane. Scientists burial prevented, and the hurricane really was. Thanks to our prayers is not as devastating. Recently Ayan came again. If you do not bury it before the elections will be a bloodbath. After reports about ajan, we began to collect signatures, but they were not needed — and so the decision was made. If you allow scientists to exhume the mummy, the country nothing good will not wait, and those who will do the procedure itself will perish. These are not empty words — the archaeologist who discovered it in 1956, shortly died, not only he, but also his son. The mummy in the Museum are harmful to the health of others. She (mummy) promised that after the burial will come to the country happiness and prosperity. How come any? In different ways: in dreams, the spirits whisper in my ear, sometimes the pen itself writes on a blank sheet of paper.

Scientists, indignant at such interference in the course of the event, commented:

Uneducated psychics and now hinder the work of archaeologists. If this continues, tomorrow they will begin to dictate to scientists — concluded the archaeologist Ores of Soltobaev.

Scientists agreed that written appeal will soon reach the destination and the head of the country definitely will be a loyal and progressive decision based on scientific facts and not in touch with the cosmos.

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