In Kiev, there was a massive fire burning radio works – photos, videos

In Kiev Borispol the street, 9 in the local radio factory was on fire, which gave the rank of high complexity. The incident occurred on Monday, January 28.

As the press-center of gschs in Kiev, the fire occurred in the woodshop, and then the fire quickly spread to the combustible, flammable materials in an area of 200 square meters.

According to rescuers, there was a threat of distribution of fire on the roof of the building, but they managed promptly to prevent further spread of the fire.

As chrezvychainyi liquidated the fire on the radio factory in Kiev: video

16:06 the representatives of the SSES received the message about the fire. 17:36 the fire was localized and at 17:53 – eliminated.

There were 13 units of basic and special firefighting and rescue equipment, as well as 51 the representative of the personnel. As a result of fire, neither dead nor injured there. The reasons of ignition and circumstances of the incident will establish a consequence.

The effects of fire on the radio factory in Kiev: watch the video

Photo: press center of gschs in Kiev, “the Informant”

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