In Kiev, launched the first global summit on cyber security GCS-2017

Ukraine and the United States unite in cyber defence. In Kiev, launched the first global summit on Cyber security. To share experience in countering digital terrorism, the Ukrainian capital was attended by experts from 20 countries.
The GCS summit brings together 30 of the top experts in the world on cyber security.
Among experts there and Ukrainian Nikolai Ilyin, the leader and founder of team DCUA. Last year this was the band topped the world ranking of white hackers. Their profile – search for loopholes digital systems. In his words, in recent years Ukraine has become a real testing ground attacks.
Even Ukrainian strategic companies ignore the digital security and, as a consequence, become victims of hackers. So, in December of last year because of cyber attacks right Bank of Kiev remained without electricity. But the bitter experience of power have not learned the technical part of Kyivenergo and not upgraded.
The most high-profile cyber attacks in Ukraine on account of a Russian hacker group APT-28. It specialists in 39 States hacked into the electoral system of the United States for the benefit of Donald trump. American politicians are convinced that this work is not just hackers, but it was the Russian special services.
Putin is waging war. Trying to undermine the work of information systems, infrastructure and, most importantly, the legitimacy of the Ukrainian government, – said Deputy adviser to the US President on national security (2009-2013) Anthony Lloyd.
As explained by experts from the USA, to fight digital terrorism without the private sector impossible. Therefore introduced the algorithm of interaction between business and the national cyber-security. Ukraine only halfway to such a system. Legislative documents are still under discussion.
Strategy of digital security from the lips of international experts sound global and generalized. Details, techniques and how to survive in a cyber war, will be discussed behind closed doors.
All accumulated data should enter into the state cybersecurity strategy. Judging from the activity of speakers, overseas partners are interested in it more than Ocarina. Despite the announced presence of the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov and Minister of economic development of Stepan Kubiv at the summit was not.


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