In Kiev demolished the illegal bridge

The city authorities have demolished illegally constructed overpass above the main sewer on the South end of prospect Grigorenko.

It is reported in the Facebook community “Park, Osokorky”.

“The bridge was hastily constructed in 2018, the Bank-Builder “ARCADE” in illegally occupied land in the absence of any permits and provided a serious threat to the urban drainage system, which operates at the limit of their operational capabilities”, – stated in the message.

Opponents of the development Osokorki think that the overpass is built over the sewer plant threatened ecological disaster.

Photo: Ecopark Osokorky

“Such actions are proactive, given their technical complexity, increase trust in the authorities in Kiev and hope for positive changes in approaches to city development”, – said the activists.

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The community also expressed hope for the assistance of the authorities of Kiev to counter the construction of the South collector street. It also plans to sell the Bank “ARCADE”.

March 20 at a private Facebook page got Podolsko resurrection bridge, the construction of which 26 years is in Kiev.


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