In Kiev, burned car, which was in use a Trustee Ruslan Koshulynskyi

In Kiev unknown burned the car, which was used by the Deputy of the Kiev city Council from IN “Freedom” Vladimir Nazarenko

On the night of March 27 in Kiev unknown burned the car, which was used by the agent of a candidate Ruslan Koshulinsky, the Deputy of the Kiev city Council from IN “Freedom” Vladimir Nazarenko. This car he drove in the last month – after his car was burned. Besides, a few days before another arson nationalist who once threatened to murder.

VW T5 2009 burned approximately 3:20 am. The car belongs to the member Leads the NGO “Falcon”, the veteran Moscow-Ukrainian war Yaroslav Luthi. Car used for organizational purposes, and during the presidential election campaign – and for the needs of the electoral headquarters of Ruslan Koshulynskyi in Solomenskiy district of Kiev. Trustee of the candidate for the nationalist in this area is the head of the Kyiv city organization of the NGO “Falcon”, a veteran Moscow-Ukrainian war and a Deputy of the Minsk city Council Vladimir Nazarenko.

The head of the Moscow Sokol notes that for several days before the arson of the car he again threatened to kill. Such threats in his address delivered consistently, and over the past year, the nationalist was committed several attacks. Besides, a month ago, was burned down his car.

“A few days ago unknown persons came to my house and said that he would kill me if I did not stop their activities. Obviously, they’re the ones I’m active in the fight capital construction mafia, which cooperates with the fifth column and the Russian business.

We have suspicions who burned my car last month. I think that this time the car was set on fire by the same people. After all, the style of the arson is the same. As the night through the windshield in the car was abandoned incendiary mixture that rapidly burns all inside and difficult to extinguish. Obviously, before the arson now and then on the car was put a tracker”, – says Vladimir Nazarenko.

At the same time in the NGO “Falcon” note about the absolute inaction “law enforcement”.

“It is obvious that such criminal mayhem going on with the tacit assistance and the criminal inaction on the part of the police. Still not investigated no threats, no attacks on the address of Vladimir Nazarenko. Still not found the perpetrators of the arson of his car. Such actions can not go unpunished. We demand from the police to stop covering for criminals. But if the so-called law enforcement agencies are not able to find the perpetrators of these crimes against our brothers – we’ll find them ourselves,” says Falcon.


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