In Italy I propose to castrate rapists

Deputy Prime Minister and interior Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini offers a special way to punish rapists. He called to apply chemical castration.

Last week in Catania arrested three men for gang rape of a young American woman, writes ANSA.

Salvini said that there will be “no leniency to the worms”, who raped a tourist in Catania.

Chemical castration!
he added.

What is chemical castration?
It’s castration, which is performed by the injection of special drugs that suppress the production of sex hormones, reduce libido and sexual activity, and preclude the possibility of intercourse. Chemical castration can be used as a punishment for sexual crimes, often for pedophilia, but may also be applied to rapists, repeat offenders.

Earlier ex-President of the lower house of the Italian Parliament Laura Boldrini accused Salvini in conducting long-term “terrible campaign” sexist attacks on her.

In addition, the far-right Minister recently suggested to legalize prostitution in the country. He believes that Italy needs to re-open brothels that were closed in the landmark 1958 act.

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