In China completed construction of the largest airport in the world: photo

In 2019, China will open the Beijing international airport Daxing is a new biggest aviakhab the world.

About it reported the edition Сhinadaily.

The design of the main building of the airport was developed by the famous British architect of Iraqi origin Zaha Hadid. The airport will consist of more than 80 strips, but due to the special terminal to get from the center to any target can be only a few minutes.

The construction of the airport is in Beijing’s Daxing district, near the border with the municipal district of Langfang. From the hub to the centre of Beijing, 46 miles. The airport has become a major transport hub. In addition to the air terminal, there will be a point of crossing of Railways, which will be placed underground.

Facade work has been completed. It is expected that by 2025, the airport will handle around 70 million passengers a year, while its maximum capacity will be 100 million people a year.

The design of the airport is not vibrated through passing directly beneath high-speed train, the builders used more than thousands of dampers – special devices for damping oscillations. Trains can safely pass by the terminal at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

In Daxing seven runways, it will annually receive and send for 620 thousand flights. The airport covers nearly fifty square kilometers, its construction had to demolish and relocate some settlements.

The main airport terminal Daxing – hexagonal “star” with an area of about 700 thousand square meters. In each of the five arrows in the main terminal will have its own special interior, depicting the value of one of the national token of the country: it is silk, tea, porcelain, agriculture, and Chinese gardens.


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