In China, chose the main characters of 2018: antonyms


The character “strelitsa”, also meaning “to burst forth”, “excited” and “selfless work”, according to respondents, is most suitable for the role of “main character on domestic matters”. Chinese experts from the state language centre of monitoring and research, with the support of which was carried out online voting, explained that citizens is in pursuit forth the greatest joy.

With regard to international subjects, the hieroglyph of the year in this area can be translated as “give up”, “move back”, “retreat” or “exit”. It is assumed that the main reason for this was a series of events such as the British exit from the European Union, the United States Council for human rights of the UN and the nuclear deal on Iran, and Qatar from the Organization of countries — exporters of oil.

In addition, the survey was called for two “phrase of the year”: on domestic matters such declared “the 40th anniversary of reform and opening,” which was broadly celebrated in China, throughout the year, and international issues — the “trade friction” . Experts remind that in 2018, the United States repeatedly imposed additional duties on some Chinese goods and on the import of aluminum and steel that has caused in other parts of the world criticism and, in some cases, the response.

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