In Brovary will start the continental Cup. The first opponent of “Donbass” – Serbian “Crvena Zvezda”

Crvena Zvezda after winning the IHL/Photo: Facebook red Star

From 18 to 20 October in Brovary “Terminal” will be held the matches of the second round of the Continental Cup IIHF, in which the champion of Ukraine Donetsk “Donbass” will the Serbian “Crvena Zvezda”, Romanian “Crown” and the Latvian “Direct”. The next stage will be released only to the winner.

Performance history of “Donbass” in the Continental Cup.

The schedule of the Continental Cup in Brovary:

Friday, October 18

16:00 “Corona” “Direct” video stream

19:30 “Donbass” – “Crvena Zvezda” live broadcast

Saturday, October 19

14:30 “Mogo” – “Crvena Zvezda” live broadcast

18:30 “Donbass” – “the Crown” video stream

Sunday, October 20

14:30 “Crvena Zvezda” – “Crown” video stream

18:30 “Mogo” – “Donbass” video stream

The first opponent of the team are to be Serbian “Crvena Zvezda” from Belgrade. Last year for Serbian hockey in General was very successful. All the teams of Serbia won their world Championships and won promotion. National team of Serbia won the tournament in Division IIA next year will face the Ukrainian team in Division IB. By the way, in 2010, the “blue-yellow” easily dealt with the Serbs in the world Cup (DI) in the Netherlands – 15:2. One of the goalkeepers of the national team of Serbia was Milan Lukovic, who now heads the delegation of the “red Star” in Ukraine.

Returning to the Serbian team, their U-20 and U-18 last season became the first in the championship Division IIB.

The triumph of Serbia in Division IIA/Photo: IIHF

In the fire and the “Crvena Zvezda”. In the spring she won the Serbian championship and then became the winner and international League, which includes Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian teams.

In the new season, the Serbian champion has already played 5 games in the IHL, winning 4 of them.

Standings in IHL:

In the “red Star” for the tournament in Brovary – 2 goalkeepers, 9 defenders and 11 attackers. Among them, 3 legionary: the Russians Vyacheslav Cehinav and Eugene Kosickiand Czech Michal Daniel. 22-year-old defender Kosicki joined the Serbian champion just before the second stage of the Continental Cup. Season 2019/2020 Eugene started in the Saratov “Crystal” (HHL-B).

Part Of The “Red Star”:

Goalkeepers: Arsenije Rankovic, Petar S.

Defenders: Evgeny Cusickii (Russia), Andrei Jovovich, Ivan Anic, The Paul Podunavac, Mirko Markovic, Alex Gvozdenovic, Andrija Spalevic, Ugljesa Novakovic, Marko Mladenovic

Forwards: George Roach, Dusan Jankovic, Michal Daniel (Czech Republic), Andrei Zwick, Vyacheslav Cehinav (Russia), Antonio Of Music, Marco Brkusanin, Vasile Andjelković, Marko Dragovic, Mateja Popovic, Strahinja Udovich

Head coach: Rus Jovica

Crvena Zvezda at the airport Borispol/Photo: Facebook red Star

Compared to the first stage of the Continental Cup, where “Crvena Zvezda” has started this season, the Serbs have strengthened the goalie position. The main goalkeeper of the national team of Serbia Arsenije Rankovic missed the tournament in Turkey.

But there is a team Jovica Rus and losses. Due to injury in Brovary “red Star” will not help the Croatian striker Ivan janković, who in Istanbul, scored 4 (3+1) points.

Crvena Zvezda vs Zeytinburnu/Photo: IIHF

On Turkish soil “Crvena Zvezda” made swarupananda, beating all their opponents in regulation time. The main competitor in struggle for an exit in the second round of the masters tournament from “Zeytinburnu” – the Serbs defeated with the score 6:2. Thus, the “Crvena Zvezda” was not allowed to come to Ukraine three foreign players in the “Zeytinburnu” George Quiché, Alex Wojciechowski and Sergey Chernenko.

The results of the matches of the first round of the Continental Cup:

“Vikingar” (Iceland) – “Tsrvena The Star” 1:6

“Crvena Zvezda” – “Zeytinburnu” (Turkey) 6:2

“Crvena Zvezda” – “IRBIS-Skate” (Bulgaria) 5:3


1. “Crvena Zvezda” 3 games, 9 points

2. “Zeytinburnu” 3, 6

3. “IRBIS-Skate” 3, 3

4. “Vikingar” 3, 0

Jovica Rus – about the attitude of the “red Star” before the tournament in Brovary.


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