In Berlin are protesting over the rising cost of housing

In Berlin are protesting over the rising cost of housing
17:59 Today, the Telegraph true European news of the world: In Berlin are the protests over the high cost of rental housing.

In Berlin held a protest against the constantly rising rents and lack of housing.

It is reported “European true” with reference to the DPA.

A few thousand protesters carrying placards with the slogan “Having a home is a basic right”.

In Berlin, the organizers began collecting petition signatures on the referendum on the expropriation of housing companies. The initiators require companies with more than 3,000 dwellings have been transferred to the state.

If this step is successful, Berlin, which is also one of the Federal States of Germany, will be forced to buy these apartments.

In recent years the difference in cost between private and public houses in Germany increased.

In 2013, private housing was on average 0.70 euros (0.80 USD) per square meter is more expensive than public housing, and in 2017, it was already 1.30 euros more expensive.

In France is the 21st-Saturday the mobilization of the “yellow jackets”

According to estimates of the Berlin Senate, the purchase of private apartments will cost more than EUR 30 billion.

Average prices for rental houses increased in Berlin by 3.6 percent over the last year. Existing tenants paid an average of 6.70 euros for basic rent without utility costs, while the new tenants requested EUR 9.08.

Smaller demonstrations and protests are planned in other German cities such as Munich, Cologne, Leipzig and Frankfurt, as well as in European cities such as Paris, Barcelona and Lisbon.

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