In Belarus want to create a database with all incomes

illustrative Photo: Vadim Zamirouski


The Ministry for taxes and levies still insists that Belarus has created a new database with extended information on incomes. Now tax specialists discuss this issue with the Council for enterprise development — will not affect whether the establishment of the base financial costs of doing business. This was reported on the website of the Council. Previously it was assumed that this base will launch with a January 1, 2019, but later the launch was postponed to the beginning of 2021, writes

The tax authorities propose to introduce an extended base on the income of citizens on the basis of the system of state social insurance. That is, that employers passed on the information about all the income of employees to the social security Fund. Tax wants to include in the database the data on all types of income earned (salary, dividends, interest on Bank deposits, etc.).

Now the business requests the authorities to perform, will not lead to the creation of a database of additional financial costs.

“Currently, information about the bulk of the income of working citizens are represented by employers and are accumulated in the SPF. From various sources information on the incomes received and the Ministry of taxes and duties, noted in the Council for entrepreneurial development. Thus, public authorities have sufficient information about the level of income of citizens of country on the basis of which to judge the eligibility of non-cash housing subsidies.”

It was assumed that the base will be used for the provision of non-cash housing subsidies for viamichelin basis, and for “a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness provided by the citizens of tax benefits, as well as the performance of the tax authorities of their functions for monitoring the completeness and timeliness of payment of taxes to the budget.”

The Council considered that “the formation of a centralised information resource should be preceded by an analysis of predicted consequences from the standpoint of influence on the growth time and financial costs of business entities”.

So why tax another base if they have enough information about the incomes?

The tax authorities confirmed earlier that now has a significant number of databases on incomes. Thus, according to the Minister for taxes and duties Sergei Nalivaiko, there is one problem: the data are scattered.

He cited an example earlier that “some reports are now served in the national statistical Committee or the social protection Fund, and this information then it will arrive to us (the tax authorities. — Approx. ed.)”.

Or the opposite: after some time a decision will be made that these reports are submitted only to the tax office, and we will pass them to colleagues. I would like to draw attention to the fact that we have a principled approach to the preservation of tax secrets. This is a very serious requirement, and all measures are taken to comply with this provision, noted earlier, Sergei Nalivaiko.

Tax trying to push the idea of creating a base at least 2018. It was assumed that it will start from 1 January 2019, but later the launch was postponed at the beginning of 2021.

In 2019, the tax authorities tried to “push” the idea of creating a database with extended information on incomes at a public Advisory councils under the MNS and the Ministry of labor.

On the public Advisory Council under the Ministry of labour also noted that in the case of adopting changes that offer tax, the accounting staff will be an additional burden for completing detailed information on the income of citizens and provision them to the database on the income of citizens.

As a result, the Board came to the view that the cost of creating such a base income disproportionate to how much a person needs in receipt of non-cash housing subsidies.