In Australia, a crocodile attacked a woman suffering from dementia

Photo: AmericaRU.com

The authorities in Northern Australia are searching for a crocodile-Ogre, which probably was the cause of the death of an elderly patient with a mental disorder who went missing from a nursing home. Crocodiles guard their territory and can hunt on those who invaded their possessions.

The representative of wildlife conservation, Michael Joyce (Michael Joyce), said that the crocodile would be caught and urged the public to report any “strange” behaviors of crocodiles. “Crocodile killer can behave very aggressively, unlike other river of crocodiles,” said Joyce.

Human remains, along with clothing and cane of Anna Cameron (Anne Cameron) was discovered near a pond two days after the disappearance of 79-year-old woman from a nursing home, said police inspector ed Lukin (Lukin Ed ). The police suspect that the woman was walking and then got lost.

Comb crocodiles in Australia are a protected species with the 70-ies of the 20 century that led to the explosion of their population around the tropical North of the country. Crocodiles can live up to 70 years and grow to 5-7 metro in length.

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