In Army games-2017 for the title of best fight military 28 countries

Today in Moscow will start the international Army games-2017 (Armi). Defense holds them for the third year in a row. During this time, has expanded the geography of the participating countries and the territory of the competition.

Photo: MIL.RU

The scale of the games is impressive. The number of foreign participants has grown from 18 countries last year to 28 this. Teams had 98, now 134. First army came the representatives of Laos, Bangladesh, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Uganda and even Syria. NATO countries will represent Greece. The competition will take place on 22 grounds of Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and China and in the waters of the two seas — the Caspian and Black.

If in the past year, the military competed in 23 disciplines, this added five new. This competition soldiers of the military police “Guardian of order”, the competition among the crews of military vehicles “Military rally” competitions soldiers of the countries — members of CIS “Commonwealth Warrior” competition calculations of unmanned aerial vehicles and competition on the best inspector of military automobile inspection “highway patrol”.

On the territory of the people’s Republic of China will be as much as six PM. one of the stages of the competition “Aviadarts” and “Suvorov onslaught”, “Safe environment”, “commando platoon”, “clear sky”, “Master armorer”.

Kazakhstan will host three of the competition. This “Wizard artillery”, “Sniper line” and “Competition calculations of unmanned aerial vehicles”, will be held in Belarus “warrior of the Commonwealth”, and the Republic of Azerbaijan will hold a competition of crews of surface ships “Cup of the sea”.

In terms of competition the country that has hosted stages of the Armi-2017, is obliged to provide his technique. Russia, as usual, will provide all countries who wish to do so, its. And the Russian participants, who will travel to foreign landfills, will use the technique of the country in which they reside. For example, our troops will be performing on the technique of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the contest “Masters of artillery fire.” Chinese technology is scheduled to perform in several competitions in China.

In Russia his technique has traditionally brought the Chinese military, their tanks had also brought the Belarusians, and Indian team brought four T-90S Bhishma — the export version of the Russian T-90.

With your arms come and snipers from the Kingdom of Thailand. In Kazakhstan at the competition “Sniper line” they can make a semi-automatic sniper rifles SR-25.

On Saturday at the opening of the games the audience will see, among other demonstrations Airshow aerobatic teams “Strizhi” and “Vityazi”. But before the races, the most spectacular competitions “Tank biathlon”, will traditionally show a “tank ballet” — group figure driving combat vehicles. Completed army-2017 12 Aug. On this day, also by tradition, will host the final of “Tank biathlon”.

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