In Antarctica, sent an expedition from Ukraine, which explores bacteria and “blooming” water of the ocean

In 2019 on a seasonal expedition to Antarctica will leave the largest over the past 18 years the team of 26 researchers and engineers.

This was reported on the website of the National Antarctic scientific center.

It is noted that in this 24 expedition is special. Detachment seasonal researchers will work at the station for more than two months during the Antarctic summer.

In recent years there has been some “crisis” trends in Ukrainian Antarctic research. Now, after the changes in the National Antarctic scientific center, we have moved to a rapid development
– said the Deputy Minister of education and science Maksym Strikha.

The squad included scientists of different specialties, mainly geologists, geophysicists, meteorologists and biologists. Also, the expedition will go to the four women.

Ukrainian scientists with the help of special drones and innovative software to build 3D models of glaciers. It is also planned to conduct a comprehensive study of the diversity of bacteria and viruses and study the mechanism of the “flowering” of water in the southern ocean.

It is noted that a number of experiments will be conducted not only on plant but also on the Islands around it. And some studies, primarily of Antarctic vegetation and soils, will cover the territory from Tierra del Fuego and subantarctic Islands to the Antarctic circle.

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