In Antarctica formed the mysterious hole

Photo: AmericaRU.com

Due to concern about possible global warming, scientists are closely watching the ice in Antarctica. A huge hole the size of the American lake superior opened up a few miles from the Sea Vadella, in the area where the ice comes into contact with the ocean. Scientists can not yet give an explanation for this.

A giant hole has puzzled scientists. It not the first case in this area, a similar phenomenon was observed in the 70-ies of the twentieth century. However, before the opportunity arose to study the Earth’s surface from the satellite, the polynya also mysteriously disappeared as it had appeared. According to Dr. Martin Tarja (Torge Martin) from the research division GEOMAR, even in the present conditions of research in the southern ocean require a major effort and very limited.

“A huge and mysterious hole not very common,” said physicist Kent Moore (Kent Moore) from the University of Toronto, – the impression, as if someone suddenly hit by a giant fist and punched a hole”.

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