“In 90 percent of cases guarantee a positive result”


In Cherkasy medical center “Accarat medical” operates only in the region of the Swiss apparatus for shock wave therapy. Use it to treat trauma, neurological, urological, dental and other diseases. For three years in the clinic, “Accarat medical” healed about 3 thousand patients.

— Often come with a heel, all kinds of joint arthrosis, osteochondrosis, trophic ulcers, and prostatitis, while treating other diseases, says orthopedist-traumatologist of the highest category 30-year-old Zaur Gasimov. — When we see that the treatment will not help the patient, we did not take. If you took treated, more than 90 percent of cases guarantee a positive result. When the patient’s condition severe and explain what will need additional treatments. Trying to help patients with incurable diseases, to alleviate their condition and eliminate the pain. For example, for osteoarthritis of the third degree, which is converted into the fourth.

The device is contraindicated for tumours that are in the area of the shock wave therapy. Can not be applied to people with disorders of blood coagulation and pregnant women.

The device is not harmful. It is used as a preventive measure to strengthen the bones, in dentistry, traumatology and in cosmetics to combat cellulite and wrinkles

— Shock wave therapy is an independent method of treatment. Often enough only, additional drugs not necessary — continues Zaur Shakhidovich. — It is unique in the fact that in the area of operation of this device begin to sprout new capillaries. Through four sessions, the blood flow resumes through the sprouting of new smaller vessels. Wave passes deep into the body of the fabric. We have specific tools for a wide range of penetration.

The cost of one session of extracorporeal shock wave therapy is from 320 UAH and above. For the advice you need to pay only once — 200 UAH.

— I am satisfied with the quality and cost of services. The service is good, says 68-year-old Galina Kobylecka, a patient of the institution. Doctor even a phone call home, asked about the state of health. And we call anytime, always respond. Pleased with the treatment and service. Doctor concessions coming, always very attentive to me. The session is not painful, but I have an open wound, because felt discomfort and tingling. When compared with the treatment in the hospital, everything is normal tolerate.

A woman came to the center to treat bulging ulcer on the leg. Previously appealed for help to the hospital, but to no avail.

— On a foot ulcer has increased in size with the kid’s palm. After the first session the pain disappeared. And already on the third felt that the wound has decreased and became the same level with the skin. Today went out from the seventh session. The doctor said to come back in a week. Maybe the last time, looking at the situation. The wound takes on a pink hue, see what heals. Very grateful to the doctor and institution. Now I advise all my friends.

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