In 2019 as a result of the plane crash killed 257 people: less than half in 2018

The number of people killed in disasters large passenger aircraft in 2019, had fallen by 50%. Last year killed 257 people, and in 2018 – 534.

The largest crash was the plane crash Boeing 737 Max in Ethiopia in March, which killed 157 people. This is evidenced by research To70 and consulting company in the field of aviation, according to “BBC Ukraine”.

This is a General trend for the industry: the number of victims decreases, and the number of flights, on the contrary, increases significantly:

  • in 2019, occurred 86 accidents of large commercial aircraft, in particular, eight fatal incidents, which killed 257 people.
  • in 2018, there were 160 accidents, 13 incidents with deaths. The victims were 534 people.

The safest in the history of world aviation was 2017. There have been no fatal accidents of passenger planes and only two fatal crash of the aircraft with turboprop engines, which led to 13 deaths.

The study includes a To70 of the dead passengers, crew, aircraft and all who died on earth in the event of a crash. Aircraft types covered by the study is the aircraft used by the majority of passengers around the world.

The study did not include small aircraft on the commuter routes and some small turboprop planes. It also did not cover the accident related to military flights, training flights, private flights, cargo planes and helicopters.

Note that the safety of the passengers turned out to be the center of attention in 2019 after two plane crashes of the Boeing 737 Max.

In October 2018 the crash of the Boeing 737 Max airline Lion Air has led to the death of all 189 people on Board.

Five months later the plane crashed Ethiopian airlines, killing 157 people, and then all the Boeing 737 Max has banned flights.

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