In 2018, Ukrainian companies increased the salaries by 15-20%, among the leaders – big business

In 2018 employers in virtually all sectors raised the wages of their employees, and the highest dynamics of growth of a large company, aimed at preservation of leading positions.

This is stated in the article “Paying more: What companies and how to raise salaries”

On average, Ukrainian companies increased the salaries by 15-20% in 2018, shared his observations of the territorial Director of ANCOR Ukraine (the company specializiruetsya on employment) Yuri perch: “of Course, it was uneven, depending on the sector and size of companies, but companies that increased salaries by less than 10%, almost wasn’t”.

Most significantly increased salaries in large companies, experts say. This is contrary to the popular opinion that choosing a as an employer the company is an industry leader, employee first agrees to pay slightly less than the company that is less known or only trying to gain a foothold in the area
– the article says.

Yes, the leader of the steel industry, the group “Metinvest” in the past year increased the level of wages twice: in April, the income of employees grew on average by 20% in October and by another 10%. Until 2018 the average salary in the Group companies in Ukraine amounted to about 18 thousand UAH. From 1 April 2019, the group “Metinvest” has raised the salaries of its Ukrainian enterprises in average by 15%. The greatest salary increase received repairers, engineers, medium-skilled workers and line managers. The increase has not affected the executives and employees of the management company.

The company “Ukrtelecom” for two years (2017-2018), the average wage increased on average by 35% and by the end of 2018, amounted to more than 8.5 thousand UAH. The main criteria for revision of wages in the “Ukrtelecom” are: the market situation and individual performance of each employee, told in the press service of the company.

On average, 30.5% in 2018 increased wages fueling OKKO.

Wage growth was observed in the agricultural sector, and also uneven: in large enterprises the compensation of employees increased more. “Over the past three years in the agrarian sector of Ukraine, the average salary has increased 2.5-3 times”, – said the President of “Ukrainian agrarian Confederation” Leonid Kozachenko. According to him, the average salary in agriculture now stands at about 15.2 thousand UAH.

Experts predict that in 2019 the growth of wages in Ukraine will continue. “The limiting factor in the growth of salaries is the financial capacity of companies. Companies can’t raise wages indefinitely, because they are limited by the profitability indicators”, – said Yuriy perch.

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